What if ALL Autoimmune Disease could be reversed, or even better, prevented?

Learn how to become The Autoimmune Disease expert in your community 

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The main problem when it comes to Autoimmune disease (AD) is…

It’s difficult to diagnose

AD patients often suffer for many years or even decades before they’re diagnosed

Treatments don’t treat it

AD medicines are a temporary band-aid for only part of the problem  

The medications are problematic

AD meds increase the risk for cancer or antibiotic-resistant infections

The good news is that reversal and prevention of all autoimmune diseases IS possible

This course was created with the simple goal of changing the way all autoimmune diseases are treated and prevented worldwide.

For this to happen, there needs to be an expert on how to do this in every community. And you can become that expert!

All you need is an understanding of the basics, or nuts and bolts, of how to treat someone with AD.

It’s time for a paradigm shift in the treatment of AD.

  • P (preventing)
  • A (and)
  • R (reversing) 
  • A (autoimmune) 
  • D (disease 
  • I   (in a)
  • G (global)
  • M (mission) 

You can become part of that global mission and learn how to help people that no one else can help.

Imagine you could...

Gain the knowledge

Learn how to become the local expert in reversing and preventing all autoimmunity in your community.

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Become the go-to expert 

Help those who have seen many doctors and endured many years of suffering by the time they find you.

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Teach others what you know

Share what you’ve learned so others can understand why people get AD, how to reverse it and how to prevent getting it. 

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Keep your own family healthy

Learn how to reverse and prevent chronic disease in general beginning in childhood and continuing throughout life.


The Autoimmune Paradigm: An Experts Program

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Become an expert in reversing and preventing Autoimmune Disease

This course will teach you – step-by-step – how to transform the lives of Autoimmune Disease (AD) patients. After completing this course, you’ll understand what AD is and what causes it.

You’ll learn the 4-part process to diagnosing and healing your patients. When you understand the 4 parts and how they all work together you’ll become the go-to Autoimmune Disease expert in your community.

I want to become an AD expert

Take the guesswork out of identifying the causes and healing Autoimmune Disease

You will discover...

  • The problem that is Autoimmune Disease 

Understand the scope of the problem that is AD/immune system dysregulation, the dangers/limitations of current AD care and the eloquence and beauty of the body’s ability to heal, stay healthy, regain health and prevent diseases

  • What causes Autoimmune Disease

Understand why people get ADs, how immune system disruption presents long before the actual AD diagnosis. Understand the significance of individual historical health issues and how they relate to AD development and how AD, immune system disruption, and causes of this runs in families

  • Testing for the causes of Autoimmune Disease and how to interpret those tests

Understand which tests to run and why you need to run them. Understand the optimal interpretation of test results 

  • Autoimmune Disease treatment options

Understand which changes to make even before test results are available or if no testing can be done. As well as why changes happen or don’t happen after initial interventions based on initial lab results.

  • If/when you need to re-test and how to interpret those new tests

Understand the proper time to retest or not retest and the optimal interpretation of new test results: why there are changes or no changes

  • Maintenance and long-term follow up

Understand how to fine-tune/simplify interventions over time and how to reintroduce foods. Learn how to maintain changes long term for optimal disease prevention

David Bilstrom, M.D. is a fellow of the American Academy of Integrative Medicine and American Academy of Medical Acupuncture as well as an advanced fellow in anti-aging, regenerative, and functional medicine.

He is quadruple board certified in anti-ageing and Regenerative Medicine, Integrative Medicine, Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, and Medical Acupuncture. 

He’s also the Director of the International Autoimmune Institute and the Bingham Memorial Center for Functional Medicine—the first medical center in the country associated with a teaching hospital to treat all types of autoimmune diseases.

Dr. Bilstrom is devoted to educating medical professionals on the effectiveness of treating and preventing autoimmune disease rather than just symptom-controlled medications that cause additional illness. Improving the patient’s experience and quality of life.


Here is the breakdown

These are all the modules you’ll get within the course.

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Here you get a full overview of what Autoimmune Disease is and how it is currently treated and the problems with current diagnoses and treatment.

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What causes Autoimmune Disease, what are the triggers and how it shows up in the body.

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Which tests should you run to identify the causes of the Autoimmune Disease(s) and why you should run them?

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Learn how to interpret these test results.

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Discover the treatment options available for the underlying mechanisms which in turn treat the Autoimmune Disease.

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When and what to retest as the treatment progresses and the patient’s health improves.

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How to fine-tune or simplify interventions over time based on re-testing.

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Understand how to maintain changes long term and optimize disease prevention

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Understand the role of epigenetics, adverse childhood events and preventing disease in the next 4 generations

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Special topics: Celiac disease; Autoimmune type 2 diabetes; The second X chromosome; Low dose naltrexone (LDN); Compounded bioidentical hormone restoration therapy (c-BHRT)

+ you get these Bonuses


You will receive a copy of Dr Bilstrom's Book - A Nurse Practitioners' Guide to Autoimmune Medicine. Reversing and Preventing All Autoimmunity.


A PDF guide to Blood Work Optimal Ranges


A guide to ICD 9 and 10 Codes


The Elimination Diet (as an Alternative to the Food Sensitivity Test) (downloadable PDF)


The Signs and Symptoms of Low Thyroid (downloadable PDF)


Stress Management: Options for Re-establishing Calm and Normalizing Cortisol – including educational videos from our esteemed colleagues, Bryan Frank, MD - pH Structure Silver, Carla Alpert NBCHWC - Functional Health Coach, Jody Bilstrom, LCSW - Adverse Childhood Events, Tim Ringgold, MT-BC - Music Therapy and Christina Stapke, RDN, CD - Functional Nutritionist


Biocidin & GI Detox Dosing Chart (downloadable PDF)


 2021 E/M Office Code Guidelines (downloadable PDF)


 List of Supplements that help with treating and managing AD (downloadable PDF)

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Why create a course for reversing and preventing all Autoimmune Disease?

One of the reasons I am so passionate about AD is the story of Glenn Frey of the American rock band The Eagles. What happened to Glenn should never happen to anyone but is typical for many people with AD. Glenn Frey was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis, an AD that eventually destroys the affected joints. He was prescribed the typical medicines for AD but because they don’t fix the underlying reasons why the immune system attacks specific body parts, the problem kept getting worse. Glenn died in January 2016 after suffering for years.

Did Glenn Frey die from RA? No. He died of acute ulcerative colitis and pneumonia that no amount of antibiotics could clear because his immune system was so suppressed. His death was a result of the autoimmune disease process just getting worse until he developed a second AD that attacked his gut. The immunosuppressant medication he was on increased the risk of antibiotic-resistant infections, so the antibiotics prescribed to treat his pneumonia were useless. This scenario is happening around the world, there are countless unnecessary deaths due to the mistreatment of AD. 

In fact, autoimmune disease is a top 10 killer of all women in the United States from birth to 65 years of age. It is estimated, in the US alone, 50 million people have an autoimmune disease. 80% of which are women. These numbers are quite similar in all of the developed nations and growing rapidly in the developing countries.

So if this course can help educate more people on how to address the underlying mechanism of the disease and not just the symptoms, we’d be able to save many more people from what happened to Glenn Frey.

This Is For: 

  • You're a patient-focused, holistically-minded nurse practitioner, doctor or other medical professional.
  • You've had basic training in traditional or allopathic medicine
  • You're a clinician involved in the care of patients with autoimmune disease or other chronic disease.
  • You're a non-medical person with an autoimmune disease or who wants to help someone close who does have an AD.

This Is Not For:

  • You're not interested in learning about functional and integrative medicine 
  • You're not interested in learning about the causes and how to reverse not only autoimmune disease but chronic disease in general.
  • You don’t have an extra 1-2 hours a week to work through the course material
  • You’re looking for a quick fix, band-aid solution to AD 

  • You don’t believe that AD can be reversed or prevented 


The education provided by The Autoimmune Paradigm: An Experts Program Course has assisted me in providing a more well-rounded and holistic approach to medicine for my patients' health care needs.  Through the videos, the books, and the student learning objectives I have learned and been able to successfully apply the principles to my daily practice. I also learned to look for the root cause of their problems and help them achieve optimal health by using supplements, lifestyle changes, and relaxation techniques.  I love that I can help patients turn around their autoimmune disease and live a more active and healthier life.

Candiss Aschenbrenner, FNP-c

“I’ve been dealing with autoimmune disease-related illness for 15 years. My previous doctors were incurious and wanted me to simply take a pill to counter symptoms without actually addressing the root causes of my illness. Today I feel like a new person. I haven’t felt this good since high school. Dr. Bilstrom has given me my quality of life back.”

Brent Wilson

Dr. Bilstrom has improved my quality of life. He has done more for me in a few months than any of the doctors I have seen over the last 10 years. He truly cares about helping his patients.”

Jenny Jones

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  • Learn how to test for AD and interpret the test results

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  • Lifetime access to this course (this will be changing to an annual subscription soon!)

  • Monthly Live Q&A Calls with Dr. Bilstrom

  • Learn the scope and causes of autoimmune disease

  • Learn how to test for AD and interpret the test results

  • Learn how to order testing that insurance will pay for

  • Stay informed about the latest research and data

  • Learn how to educate patients on living autoimmune free

  • Learn how to build a thriving practice through the power of patient referrals

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  • Gain a full understanding of what AD is and what causes it.
  • Learn the 4-part process to diagnose and treat AD.
  • And when you understand the 4 parts and how they all work together you’ll become the go-to Autoimmune Disease expert in your community.
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Your Guarantee, Refund, And Return Policies

Our online course and community are designed to help you master the latest techniques and best practices in reversing and preventing autoimmune disease. We're committed to your success because we know that together, we can transform the way autoimmune disease is treated and prevented worldwide.

We're so confident that you'll benefit from this program that we're offering a 30-day money-back guarantee. If, after completing the course material and participating in a Q&A call with Dr. Bilstrom, you're not completely satisfied with the program, we'll refund your money.

Your community needs you, and we're dedicated to helping you build a thriving practice that you love, a waiting list full of patients eager to see you while making a life-changing impact on the lives of your family, patients and future generations. It’s truly fulfilling work and our course and community will give you the foundation and support you need to succeed. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to change the world with you!

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No one needs to suffer for years with Autoimmune Disease

You can become the expert in your community and help people that no one else can help. You have the potential to transform generations of lives by providing the compassionate care that brought you to medicine in the first place.  

Disclaimer: Please note, this course, website and material provided is for educational purposes only and certification is only for licensed clinicians.  The publisher and author are not responsible for any specific health or allergy needs that may require medical supervision and are not liable for any damages or negative consequences from any treatment, action, application or preparation, to any person reading or following the information in this course, website or materials provided.