Are you seeing an alarming rise in autoimmune related issues?

Learn Autoimmune Functional Medicine protocols to address the root cause of immune system disruption to reverse and prevent autoimmunity (for adults and kids). 

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  • I'm a 4X Board-Certified MD, with 20 years of experience in Autoimmune Functional Medicine
  • Learn how mental health and chronic disease are directly linked to immune system disruption
  • Learn how to reverse metabolic syndrome (without using meds that have harmful side effects)
  • Learn how this approach will increase your job satisfaction and generate endless referrals from happy patients and their family members



Elevate Your Practice & Empower Your Patients

Learn the Fundamentals of Autoimmune Functional Medicine.

Discover why these science-based skills improve patient outcomes and create a continual stream of referrals from happy healing patients and all family members. 

Using this approach you elevate your practice and empower your patients because you are helping them solve the reasons why they have multi-organ system health issues and/or chronic and autoimmune disease. 

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If you are a Nurse Practitioner seeking new ways to improve the lives of your patients - you are in the right place! 


As a Nurse Practitioner with Full Practice Authority, you have the power to take your practice to new heights while transforming the lives of your patients. 


Chronic and autoimmune disease is a rising epidemic and with your help, it can be stopped.  I’m on a mission to revolutionize how chronic and autoimmune disease is treated worldwide by teaching the fundamentals of Functional Medicine. I'm here to show you how this approach can not only make a difference in your patients' lives but also bring joy and fulfillment to your own. 


 Join me in my free masterclass:

Elevate Your Practice & Empower Your Patients through the joy of Functional Medicine.


In this exclusive masterclass, we will delve into the essential principles and practices of Functional Medicine for reversing and preventing autoimmune (and all chronic) disease.

Discover how this science-based, MD-certified, holistic approach will: 

  • Awaken a new level of passion for medicine.
  • Keep your practice schedule full and your waiting list growing.
  • Unlock a new level of healing for your patients.
  • Revolutionize your ability to reverse and prevent autoimmune and chronic disease.
  • Create an autopilot system of referrals from happy healing patients and their families.
  • Transform your practice by seamlessly integrating Functional Medicine fundamentals into your workflow.
  • Create a fulfilling journey that enhances patient outcomes, reduces burnout and increases your professional satisfaction (work and home life get better when Autoimmune Functional Medicine is part of your practice)
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Hello 👋 - I'm Dr. David Bilstrom.  I'm a quadruple board certified Medical Doctor that has specialized in reversing and preventing chronic and autoimmune disease for the last 20 years. My board certifications are in Functional & Regenerative Medicine, Integrative Medicine, Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, and Medical Acupuncture.

20 years ago, my young son had debilitating allergies, traditional medicine said his health would only get worse.  

I’m like you, I refused to accept a lifetime diagnosis of pain and suffering. At that point, I was a 10 year practicing physician, with a track record of helping some of the most sick get better. I tried many types of medicine to heal my son both eastern and western and finally Functional Medicine reversed his debilitating condition. 

It inspired me to start using Functional Medicine to help autoimmune disease patients. People who had been suffering for years and decades got better.  It was humbling and inspiring and it’s become my life’s mission to revolutionize the way chronic and autoimmune disease is treated worldwide by teaching the fundamentals of Functional Medicine.  

I help thousands of patients a year reverse their conditions and prevent new ones.  Entire families get healthier because the fundamentals work for any age or stage of life. 

Some patients say “it’s a miracle” and I remind them, your body’s natural healing intelligence is always moving towards wellness.  You just need to give it the holistic support it needs to do what it’s designed to do.  Keep you healthy, happy and strong well into your 90s.


You are uniquely positioned to make a profound impact in the world.

With your Full Practice Authority, you are uniquely positioned to make a profound impact in the lives of your patients, their families and your community.  Functional Medicine goes beyond conventional symptom management, allowing you to fully leverage your authority and expertise.  

By participating in this masterclass, you will open doors to a world of possibilities. I'll guide you with actionable strategies, evidence-based protocols, and practical techniques that will equip you with the knowledge and fundamentals to address the root causes of chronic and autoimmune disease and revolutionize your approach to care. 

You'll gain the confidence to know you can truly make a difference in your patients' lives by helping to reverse and prevent chronic and autoimmune disease, without having to refer them to specialists trained only in medications that create destructive and adverse side effects.  By embracing Functional Medicine, you can help your patients achieve optimal health and well-being. 

But it's not just about improving patient outcomes. Functional Medicine has the remarkable ability to awaken within you, a new level of passion for medicine, infusing your practice with joy and fulfillment. Witnessing the positive transformations in your patients' lives is incredibly rewarding and reminds you of the profound impact you can make as a healer. 

You’ll also discover why these skills not only bring joy to your practice but also create a continual stream of referrals from happy healing patients. 

I invite you to join me in this free masterclass and seize the opportunity to elevate your practice, empower your patients, and experience the joy of Functional Medicine. Together, let's embark on a transformative journey towards you becoming a sought-after chronic and autoimmune disease reversal and prevention expert in your community.


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Imagine how fulfilling it will be when these testimonials are your patients.

(these are real testimonials)

"I had Graves’ disease for 4 years. Dr. Bilstrom changed my life by addressing the root cause of my problem, inflammation. Since starting his protocols, I feel healthier and more vital than ever before."

Kortney Olson

“I’ve been dealing with autoimmune disease-related illness for 15 years. My previous doctors were incurious and wanted me to simply take a pill to counter symptoms without actually addressing the root causes of my illness. Today I feel like a new person. I haven’t felt this good since high school. Dr. Bilstrom has given me my quality of life back.”

Brent Wilson

Dr. Bilstrom has improved my quality of life. He has done more for me in a few months than any of the doctors I have seen over the last 10 years. He truly cares about helping his patients.”

Jenny Jones

Elevate Your Practice and  Empower Your Patients through the Joy of Autoimmune Functional Medicine

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