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Your Program Enrollment includes:

Lifetime Access to the entire digital course curriculum including videos and exercises to help you become an autoimmune disease expert.
  • Module 1: A full overview of what Autoimmune disease (AD) is
  • Module 2: What causes AD 
  • Module 3: Testing for AD
  • Module 4: How to interpret the AD test results
  • Module 5: The treatment options available for AD
  • Module 6: When and what to re-test as treatment progresses
  • Module 7: Fine-tune and simplify treatment based on re-testing
  • Module 8: Long term maintenance and disease prevention
  • Module 9: The role of Epigenetics and preventing AD in future generations
  • Module 10: Special topics: Celiac disease; Autoimmune type 2 diabetes; The second X chromosome; Low dose naltrexone (LDN); Compounded bioidentical hormone restoration therapy (c-BHRT)

You also get

  • Bonus 1: Dr. Bilstrom's Book - The Nurse Practitioners Guide to Autoimmune Medicine: Reversing and Preventing All Autoimmunity
  • Bonus 2: A PDF guide to Blood Work Optimal Ranges
  • Bonus 3: A guide to ICD 9 and 10 Codes 
  • Bonus 4: The Elimination Diet (as an Alternative to the Food Sensitivity Test) (downloadable PDF) 
  • Bonus 5: The Signs and Symptoms of Low Thyroid (downloadable PDF) 
  • Bonus 6: Stress Management: Options for Re-establishing Calm and Normalizing Cortisol – including educational videos from our esteemed colleagues, Bryan Frank, MD - pH Structure Silver, Carla Alpert NBCHWC - Functional Health Coach, Jody Bilstrom, LCSW - Adverse Childhood Events, Tim Ringgold, MT-BC - Music Therapy and Christina Stapke, RDN, CD - Functional Nutritionist.
  • Bonus 7: Biocidin & GI Detox Dosing Chart (downloadable PDF)
  • Bonus 8: 2021 E/M Office Code Guidelines (downloadable PDF)
  • Bonus 9: List of Supplements that help with treating and managing AD (downloadable PDF) 

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What People Are Saying:

The education provided by The Autoimmune Paradigm: An Experts Program Course has assisted me in providing a more well-rounded and holistic approach to medicine for my patients' health care needs. Through the videos, the books, and the student learning objectives I have learned and been able to successfully apply the principles to my daily practice. I also learned to look for the root cause of their problems and help them achieve optimal health by using supplements, lifestyle changes, and relaxation techniques. I love that I can help patients turn around their autoimmune disease and live a more active and healthier life. I would recommend this course to any provider who is looking to add a more holistic approach to their practice.

Candiss Aschenbrenner, FNP-c